The BNI Foundation has been serving children and education globally since 1998.

The BNI Foundation is helping to change lives by improving circumstances for children facing financial instability that negatively affect their educational opportunities. We are excited that the year 2020 is the inaugural year for BNI Foundation Australia. We support initiatives that provide resources to educators and organisations that make success easier for kids, either by removing barriers or by providing incentives for focusing on studies. For us, the mechanism to help with this shift is investing our time, treasure, and talent to assist in education where we can. We do this through our Business Voices™ Initiative and our Givers Gain® Grant Program.


Recognition is very important in the BNI Foundation Australia. Our donors are the ones that make our mission to support children’s education become a reality. Donations are financial and of in-kind services. Please take a moment to recognise those individuals, businesses and BNI Chapters that have provided the BNI Foundation Australia with such tremendous support.

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BNI High Noon (WA)
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Pauline Marcoux
Roy Aveling
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In-Kind Sponsorship
Phil Brown, PG Design
Amit Sinha, Go Image
Lisa Stephenson, Worldwide Osborne Park
BNI Australia
Rodney Gullan, Midland Signarama
Minna Salmesvou, Social Media Tribe
Cameron Germein, web site support


Over the past 20 years, with your help, the BNI Foundation has given over $3,000,000 to schools and organisations with the greatest needs. BNI Foundation Australia needs your help to make a difference in Australia.


Over the past 20 years, with your help, the BNI Foundation has given over $3,000,000 to schools and organizations with the greatest needs. We need your help to continue to make a difference worldwide.

Start a Business Voices™ Initiative

The Business Voices (BV) initiative pairs BNI members and concerned, engaged and motivated businesses and community groups, with schools and educational organisations to help them find the resources they need to have maximum impact on the kids of our communities. Business Voices is an in-kind, action-oriented program. BNI is Ground Zero for this initiative.

It is easier than ever to make a difference to children’s education in your local community.  BNI Chapters can ‘adopt’ a school to support.  Five different Business Voices™projects are recommended to conduct for the ‘adopted’ school.  Chapters can choose how many and which projects they would like to conduct.

The recommended Business Voices™ projects are:

  1. School Supply Drive
  2. Book Drive
  3. Purchase vouchers for the Australia Reads-Reading Hour project in September
  4. Fundraising for a Givers Gain Grant
  5. Career event/activity

What’s on…..

  • Nature Playground Illawarra PS (WA). Partnering with the P&C. coordinated by Katerina Dimitriou (BNI Evergreen)

What’s been completed….

  • Supplying student whiteboards to East Maddington Primary School(WA). Coordinated by Pauline Marcoux (Foundation) and Phil Brown (BNI High Noon). Whiteboards provided by Jeanette Cahalin, BNI High Noon.
  • Career Conversations with Year 11 students at St Stephen’s School (WA). Coordinated by Pauline Marcoux (Foundation)
  • Supplying computers/lap tops to students in the Perth. Partnering with The Sixth Child charity.Coordinated by Pauline Marcoux and Jaime Ramos BNI Energise (VIC) & The Sixth Child
  • Career Expo with all students and parents at St Stephen’s School (WA). Coordinated by Pauline Marcoux (Foundation)
  • School Supply Drive with items donated to 12 Buckets Charity (WA).  Coordinated by Urika Wong, BNI Referral Partners (WA).
  • School Supply Drive with items donated to Kids4Kids (Qld).  Coordinated by Ilona Teremi, Executive Director, BNI Gold Coast and Tweed Shire.

Email the Chief Volunteer Officer, Pauline Marcoux, at if you are interested in ‘adopting’ a school and starting a Business Voices™ project.

Don’t hesitate!  Get started today by talking to your Chapter members.


The BNI Foundation gives grants by to a school that demonstrates need. The school must be an Australian public school and a not for profit organisation as recognised by the ATO.

What’s been done….

  • $1,000 to East Maddington PS (WA) for Maths online resources.
  • $1,000 to Illawarra PS (WA) for the Nature Playground


Thank you so very much for your kind words to my daughters and I at this very challenging time of our lives. Losing our home in the bushfires has been a very emotionally devastating experience, but the support our community and organisations, such as yours, have given us warms our hearts. I cannot express my gratitude enough! Your team at BNI has helped us greatly to reduce our financial burden, by providing the girls with all of their school needs.

– From Recipient of the BNI Cares Bushfire Campaign

Great work everyone – very proud to be a small part in this wonderful act of kindness

From BNI Member

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